Team Hustle Fastpitch was created in 2017. This softball program is designed to give an opportunity to girls from all backgrounds that have a desire to play softball at a high level. Our softball program teaches the importance of effort and attitude. We look to develop these girls not only as softball players, but as students and as people. We are here to develop and help these girls reach their goal of one day playing college softball.

Wilson our Turtle mascot was Famous
Pre Game
PGF Coaches Dinner
after our 1st win on the final day waiting on the the semi final matchup
Coach Steve and Dominique at the PGF party
Prior to the National Championship game
Coach Bre waiting to play
Coach Steve and Amaya at PGF party
Angie, Ana & Lucy
PGF Party
Jennie Finch
Before the Semi Final Game
Headed to the opening ceremonies
Coach Paul as we wait for the Semi FInal
Coach Steve and Imani at the Party
Coach Steve and the twins
The things we took back to AZ
Just 2 Pitchers & a Catcher
Coach Steve and Leilani
Pre Game Ritual
Coaches at the Party
We got Next
After loss number 1 in bracket play on Friday Night
Amanda, Don and Bret
We came to Cali and represented the Valley
Pre Game talks
After a W
Coach Steve, Sara, Ilse, Christina
Your National Championship Runner Up
Coach Steve, Glori and Angel
Coach Steve about to head back to AZ
Headed to the Ship
Coach Steve, Christina, Angie, Reyna and Ana
waiting in Line at Knotts Berry
after a bracket play Day 2 W
Registration and Bat Check in
Going Live
After a Bracket Play Game 1 Win
After Game talk after Bracket Game 2 Win
Team Photo at the opening Ceremonies
We Came early for Knotts berry
didnt go to the beach all week because we came for business. So when business was finished the beach
opening Cermemonies
Coach Steve and Kaylee
Another pre game ritual
U of Washington with Wilson and TH
Waiting in line for rapids
Who is ready for the Championship
post game ice cream
check the bracket
the end of the road
Coach Steve and Amaya
Trying to see the stage
waiting for the umpires